Ways to get involved.

It’s important that everyone can find a way to take part. Support each other in sharing ideas. Form groups amongst yourselves and spread the word so we can make the biggest impact possible. #VeganUnityDay2020

What you do is up to you but here are some ideas to get started with.


Be Prepared

Preparation is key to our success. This can only work if enough people are prepared to spread the word, share ideas and plan for the day. We have an amazing community so let’s leverage that and support each other. Band together. We can do this!

Advocates : Consider the communities you’re already a part of. It could be your local neighbourhood, workplace, school, sports team or charity group. Can they help us to build a better future?

Activists : Reach out to your local activism groups. You’ll find like minded people in groups like Anonymous for the Voiceless, Viva, Mercy For Animals, Extinction Rebellion and many more

Use the hashtag #VeganUnityDay2020 to share and collaborate on ideas.

Take Action

Advocates : You could contribute by sharing your story on social media. You could clean up a beach or city. You could give healthy, plant-based food to people in poverty. You could give blood. You could donate old leather, silk, wool or down clothing to people who need it. You could create and share artwork. You could help out with Challenge22+.

Activists : You could take part in marches. You could take part in chalking events. You could take part in vigils, cubes, sit-ins and saves. You could hand out leaflets. You could boycott unethical businesses. You could arrange screenings of vegan documentaries.

Think we should include something more in these lists? Let us know.

Be a Friend

We want to promote everything you’re doing! If you own a vegan business, run a local action group or charity or just want to get what you’re doing featured on this website then please get in touch. We are planing on showcasing all the great work people are doing already. Let’s support each other.