Vegan News : September 28th - November 3rd


Every week we share our top 5 stories from the world of animal rights and veganism.

This week - A new vegan documentary, a sad loss, angry parents, why you should hug a vegan and a celebrity arrest.

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Joaquin Phoenix Releases New Must-See Animal Rights Documentary

“The Animal People,” a new animal rights documentary executive produced by vegan Joaquin Phoenix, premiered at the Austin Film Festival last Saturday.

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Victoria Braithwaite, Researcher Who Said Fish Feel Pain, Dies at 52

In two papers and a book, Dr. Braithwaite made the case that fish react to unpleasant stimuli and argued that they be treated humanely.

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Parents angry after Animal Aid talk in Nantwich school

Parents blasted what they labelled Animal Aid “anti-farming propaganda” delivered to young pupils at a Nantwich school.

They say year 8 youngsters at Brine Leas were handed leaflets (pictured) which “misinformed” children about farming methods in a bid to turn them against eating meat.


Charlebois: If you’re a meat lover, hug a vegan. Here’s why.

Some people believe that the recent rise of plant-based dieting has prompted vegans to vocalize their lifestyle passion more. Some don’t like that; a few even claim to hate vegans. But vegans’ contribution to our public discourse about proteins should not be taken lightly.


James Cromwell Arrested at Texas A&M University While Protesting Dog Lab Testing at the School

The Babe actor, 79, was arrested during a PETA protest at Texas A&M University’s Board of Regents meeting while calling on the school to shut down its laboratory where golden retrievers and other dogs are part of medical research

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