Vegan Business Spotlight - My Vegan Clothing


We think it’s important to show support to businesses that choose a more compassionate way of life. Vegan Unity Day is all about uniting our community after all. We want to promote our vegan friends. We want you to support our vegan friends.

We’re asking each business to talk a little about themselves, why it is important for them to be vegan and how they feel about the vegan community.

This time, we want to show some love to the brilliant My Vegan Clothing.

Clothing can be a minefield to new vegans so we’re always happy to see businesses providing guaranteed ethical and vegan apparel.

Who Are You?

My Vegan Clothing are an ethical, eco-friendly and 100% vegan clothing company. Here’s what they have to say about themselves.

Our mission is to help change the world through our vegan message wear by making it as easy as possible to find quality vegan apparel and accessories on our website. By wearing your beliefs on your clothing, you can help us to spread important messages of compassion and equality for all animals. We believe vegan message wear that stands out and looks good has more impact.

At My Vegan Clothing, we use only PETA-approved clothing manufacturers who are also members of the Fair Wear Foundation. This ensures that all of our clothing fabrics are 100% vegan and ethically made. However, there are more steps to the process. To design our clothing, we use cruelty-free printing methods and vegan water-based inks. Water-based inks are far more eco-friendly than the standard plastisol inks, which are plastic-based and toxic.

Our clothing products are made from 100% Organic Cotton. Our reasons for choosing organic cotton are because it uses less water and has much lower carbon emissions than standard cotton. It's also GMO-free and does not involve the use of fertilisers or pesticides, unlike conventional cotton.

We've done all the research, so you can shop with confidence.

Why is important for you to be vegan business?

We believe in a world that’s fair for everyone, and we strongly oppose exploitation of any kind. Being vegan helps us to live more ethically and compassionately, allowing us to appreciate the wonders of our planet. We hope our products help to spread important vegan messages and that they challenge others to live a more eco-friendly and cruelty-free lifestyle.

How you feel about the vegan community and Vegan Unity Day?

We find the vegan community is open-minded, progressive, and compassionate. It’s been great getting to learn more about veganism from others. We’re delighted to see the vegan community coming together on Vegan Unity Day 2020 to spread peaceful messages of advocacy and activism. Let’s see how many others we as a community can inspire to live more healthful, kind, and environmentally friendly lives for the animals, the planet, and for everyone. If people on a large scale, including non-vegans, can live more compassionately for just one day, it gives hope that we can all choose to live this way everyday.

Show our friends some love.

As the world wakes up to the vegan message, more and more large corporations are trying to capitalise on it. Let’s give back to our own community first. Lets’ support each other!

Next time you’re shopping for vegan clothing, give a visit.

The Team